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HeartShaper® Children's Curriculum

HeartShaper — A heart that is shaped. A life that is changed.

Reach children ages 1 to 12 with God's Word. Fully resourced, customizable lessons will help meet the needs of every child in your class.

Why should Your Church Choose HeartShaper for Sunday School?

  • Teaches more than just values—kids dig into questions such as "What does this teach me about God?" and "Why is this story important to me?"
  • Build Bible skills at every age level—from toddlers to preteens, kids use their Bibles, participate in interactive Bible learning, and grow spiritually
  • 2+ hours of correlated curriculum for all three early childhood levels
  • With one focus per lesson and our unique Quick Steps™, teaching is easy—and learning is fun
  • Special Needs Friendly symbols in each lesson highlight activities that work well with all kids

Free online resources available at HeartShaper.com.