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Route 52 - Gideon

Route 52 - Gideon

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Ages 4–6: God Chooses Gideon to Do a Big Job, Gideon Learns to Trust God's Power, God Helps Gideon Choose an Army, Gideon and His Army Trust God

Lesson 1: God Chooses Gideon to Do a Big Job

Judges 6:1-3, 7, 10-24—The Midianites had invaded Canaan. The Israelites asked God for help. God chose Gideon to lead the Israelite army into battle against the enemy. Gideon was surprised to be chosen for such a big job. He thought he was a nobody!

Lesson 2: Gideon Learns to Trust God's Power

Judges 6:33-40—Gideon was afraid of the Midianites. The requests that he made of God had a two-fold benefit: Gideon saw God's power, and he learned that God was willing to respond to his requests. When God showed His power and showed that He was listening to Gideon, Gideon put his trust in God.

Lesson 3: God Helps Gideon Choose an Army

Judges 7:1-8—Gideon gathered a huge army. God did not want the Israelites to brag about their strength. God told Gideon to send most of the men home. God chose only 300 men to be in the army.

Lesson 4: Gideon and His Army Trust God

Judges 7:16-22—God transformed Gideon into a brave commander. Gideon learned to trust God, even though he had only 300 men. Following God's plan, they surprised the Midianites and caused them to run away from Canaan.

Downloadable, customizable Bible lessons for kids—available by units for four age groups—ages 3 & 4, ages 4–6, ages 6–8, and ages 8–12. The same great content as Route 52™, but units are easy to edit and customize in Microsoft® Word to fit your needs. Route 52 Online is perfect for children's Sunday school/weekend programs, children's church, youth group, kids' club, and midweek Bible study programs.

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