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Route 52 - Jonah

Route 52 - Jonah

$ 7.99

Ages 4–6: Jonah Hears but Disobeys, Jonah Listens to God, The People Listen and Obey, God Loves All People

Lesson 1: Jonah Hears, But Disobeys
Jonah 1—The people of Nineveh are enemies of the Jews. God tells Jonah to go there and warn the people to repent of their evil ways. Jonah hears God, but gets on a boat headed in the opposite direction. God causes a storm to almost wreck the boat. Jonah tells the sailors to throw him overboard. A giant fish swallows him.

Lesson 2: Jonah Listens to God
Jonah 1:17–2:10—Jonah lives for three days and three nights inside the giant fish. He spends this time praying. He is thankful to be alive and promises to obey God. God causes the fish to spit Jonah onto dry land.

Lesson 3: The People Listen and Obey
Jonah 3—God again tells Jonah to go to Nineveh and warn the people there. After one day of preaching, the entire city, including the king, repents. God has compassion for the people of Nineveh and does not destroy the city.

Lesson 4: God Loves All People
Jonah 4—God forgives the city of Nineveh. Now Jonah is angry. He wanted the enemy to be destroyed. Hoping God will still destroy the city, he sits on a hill and waits to see what God is going to do. Since it is so hot, God provides a vine for Jonah for shade. This makes Jonah happy. When God causes the vine to die, He teaches Jonah an important lesson about His love for all people.

Downloadable, customizable Bible lessons for kids—available by units for four age groups—ages 3 & 4, ages 4–6, ages 6–8, and ages 8–12. The same great content as Route 52™, but units are easy to edit and customize in Microsoft® Word to fit your needs. Route 52 Online is perfect for children's Sunday school/weekend programs, children's church, youth group, kids' club, and midweek Bible study programs.

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